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Our solutions shape the future. We set challenges which let you develop. Operating on a global scale, united under one roof as ERGO Technology & Services Management.

ERGO Digital World

ERGO Technology & Services Management AG is one of the four operating holdings of ERGO Group AG. ET&SM has a unique cross-cutting mandate to be a global technology and services provider for the entire ERGO Group. 

For us digitalisation is not only a goal, but a promise to enable smarter and more accessible solutions for millions of our clients.

We drive the growth, effectiveness, and agile mindset of ERGO Group.

ET&S in Poland, ITERGO in Germany and ET&S in India, as parts of the ET&SM holding responsible for driving the digitalisation of the entire ERGO Group, jointly provide space for cooperation and development in multicultural teams. 

Working on innovations and creating digital solutions to meet the ever-changing needs, requires flexibility and openness to constant improvement. To broaden perspectives, the companies of the ET&SM holding offer their employees global opportunities to grow, possibility to work with a wide range of technologies and extensive trainings to stay ahead of the upcoming trends.  

By working with the latest technologies including AI, IoT and Big Data, as well as complex core systems, the //Digital World of ERGO creates the best place fortalents and experienced professionals who are ready to be “one step ahead”. 

For ET&SM, looking ahead also means being aware of the needs of others, anticipating and respecting them in order to do good. 

We engage our employees in ambitious projects with the potential to make the real change. 

The ET&SM community consists of more than 2,600 internal employees and 20 nationalities in 12 locations around the world.

Under the umbrella of ET&SM we have created the ERGO //DIGITAL WORLD ​– a unique, global, digital society that aims to leverage the know-how of all our teams ​and connect technology colleagues for joint, exciting projects.

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