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ERGO //Digital World is a space for highly professional, future-driven minds – for people who want to shape a connected world and innovative digital solutions.

About ET&SM

We are the technology backbone of ERGO Group on its path to become ​a leader in digitalisation.

For us digitalisation is not only a goal, but a promise to enable smarter and more accessible solutions for millions of our clients.
We drive the growth, effectiveness, and agile mindset of ERGO Group.

Encode Yourself –
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How about a little digital experiment? Try our application that will turn your photo into a coloured ASCII Art picture.

Join us

Implementing advanced IT & digital technologies is only possible with a talented team that is open to a variety of perspectives. Operating in a multicultural environment, ET&SM brings together experts with different backgrounds, experience, ways of thinking, and competences.

Our strong belief in mutual respect makes ET&SM a working environment in which everyone can benefit from diversity and gather valuable experience and knowledge.

Under the umbrella of ET&SM we have created the ERGO //DIGITAL WORLD ​– a unique, global, digital society that aims to leverage the know-how of all our teams ​and connect technology colleagues for joint, exciting projects.


ET&SM plays a unique role in driving ​the digital growth and success of the entire ERGO Group, by helping to shape customer-oriented insurance products and developing new customer channels.

Global Impact

We support millions of internal and external customers with state-of-the-art IT solutions to everyday problems. We are dedicated to bringing digital innovation to every aspect of the insurance landscape.


ET&SM offers opportunities to grow, the possibility to work with a wide range of technologies and extensive training to stay ahead of upcoming trends.


We come from various backgrounds, with different mindsets, skills and experiences. We believe in diversity and mutual respect – being diverse simply makes us and our work better.


By working on emerging technologies like AI, IoT and Big Data as well as complex core systems, ET&SM creates the best place for talents and experienced professionals who are ready to be “one step ahead”.


Our teams are made up of different age groups, genders, cultures and, above all, different ways of thinking. We form a diverse collaborative global network. Find out who we are and what we stand for – wherever we are based.

Meet our people!

Our ET&SM community consists of more than 2,600 internal employees and 20 nationalities in 12 locations around the world. We invited colleagues from Tech Hubs in Germany, Poland and India to become our ambassadors. Follow our social media channels and you will be able to get to know some of them better!